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About us

Starmoon is the Engineering service provider & IT product consultant.We help companies to reduce their current running cost by implementing the latest technology running in the market. Also we help users to improve their skill so that productivity of the companies always be in increasing order.

We take pride in our culture which is based on the belief that our customers are the reason we are in the business and we want to be a partner in their success. It is always easier to do business with satisfied customers and a satisfied customer brings in more customers, hence it is in our interest to bring value to the businesses of our customers and make them our references. For us it always is “Customer First”.

We like to do our business on very honest commitments and accountability for the same to become and remain a trustworthy partner with our customers.
A very important ingredient to the company’s growth is quality. Being a service organization, this parameter is of the utmost importance to us and we are always looking for ways and means to evaluate and upgrade ourselves in this area.

We also very strongly believe that for us to be successful each member of the organization has to have enthusiasm, competency, innovative thinking and urge to share the growth and development of the company. We believe that the purpose of team is to have team members covering up for each other’s deficiencies and the organization is just a platform for each team member to excel in his/her area of strength. For small organizations like ours it is extremely important that each team members thinks and acts like an entrepreneur and we’re always looking for go-getters with innovative, out-of-box thinking that can bring value to our customers, themselves and the organization.


The first Siemens core values are to be responsible for our action perform them to the highest legal & ethical standards we want to get with the integrity & everything we do. A responsible company resets & protect the recover it has the investment it makes doing a so it adds value to everything we do.Increasingly Siemens PLM software & Product are the foundation for the entire critical business of collation in our customer must believe that they can trust us.


The second Siemens values are too true for excellence at the highest level that means leading Inspiring.

  • The people that we work with our relationship for excellence

Siemens PLM product is for the article to over customer success that we must build quality into everything & not stop until we believe it,s the best.


The third Siemens core values are to be going embrace innovation.Being innovative is what drive us, our customers are technology leaders who must constantly innovate to shows.We must provide sustainable values. As our customer pushes the design boundary for their product they will need to way to help them see where they are going spindly if they have never gone there before.


We must be open to serve technically economy where openness enhances over customer values its essential because our products & serge must integrate with the four spectrums of the customer product life eagle.Our open-nest & willingness to co-opposite technically help as adapt to their need more easily & allows them to aloft to us.

Why us


The first part of communication strategy our vision present our view of the opportunity for our customers what does their future look like world optimize by PLM technologies. From the previous discussion it should be evident that this pass a unique challenge for a company like Siemens PLM software.

Everything in the values & mission statement has been based on the Siemens PLM to align in its strategies direction with the need of its customer. That is the some action all Siemens PLM activity but siemens PLM love customer in several industries & each industry has its own direction.

Customizing resin for industry

The solution is to a resin i.e. inherently flexible & addable our vision is to customize & adopt our core software & process to fit she need of different customers industries.

This is the major developer for the conventional values, mission resin, statement in other companies but it make sense given Siemens PLM unique relationship its supporticated relationship.