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In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, industry-leading companies need to develop and deliver world-class products. Product lifecycle management (PLM) makes that happen. An enterprise PLM system drives product and process innovation by providing decision-makers with the right information to make smarter decisions that result in better products. Teamcenter® software is the world’s most widely used PLM system, helping companies across all industries manage increasingly complex products to maximize productivity and streamline global operations.

Engineering process management

Teamcenter enables you to bring together disparate product design and engineering data into a single source of knowledge. As a result, your teams can easily find information, and then modify, share and collaborate on the product design while maximizing part, process and information re-use.Teamcenter provides preconfigured standards-based processes to initiate, review/approve and execute engineering changes.  Teamcenter accelerates your design validation process by enabling you to aggregate design changes continuously. Extended teams can develop and visualize digital mockups based on configured product structures, and collaboratively review alternatives.

Bill of materials management

Establish a single, complete product definition that reflects all product parts and intuitively presents this information to you, including a visual representation of the product as configured. Leverage commonality across products to consolidate a range of products into a single structure. This single source of information enables you to manage products as families instead of discrete variants, enabling more options without additional effort and viewing all valid product configurations. Manage your complete BOM without sacrificing productivity. Manage your complete BOM definition beyond design and engineering. With extended support through procurement and delivery, as well as automated exchange of information with business systems.

Manufacturing process management

You can manage your product, process, resource and plant layout knowledge in a common PLM environment. This helps streamline new product design and manufacturing process workflows.Using a set of powerful data management, 3D visualization and analysis tools, you can optimize manufacturing planning by evaluating alternatives. The system helps you analyze data from different sources quickly and easily. You can generate animated work instructions using 3D PDF technology, to clearly communicate assembly instructions.  With fully integrated product design and manufacturing, you control your product development processes and know the exact impact of change at every step. If change is introduced at any point, you can quickly communicate and reconcile the entire scenario using powerful analysis and validation tools.

Maintenance, repair and overhaul

Teamcenter maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) solutions establish after-sales capabilities to meet the demands of service lifecycle management and enterprise asset management. You can gain visibility into long-life assets, including configuration knowledge and status, as well as capture service event activities that can be delivered in dashboards to support PBL/SLA contracts.You can create, manage and leverage planning information to support preventative-, condition- or reliability-based maintenance models.s. You can examine operational information from services to discern trends in asset performance/ reliability and track/analyze asset and organizational KPIs. You can efficiently manage service requests in ways that improve responsiveness and increase customer satisfaction, while controlling costs and maintaining standards.


  • Improve product quality and lower costs
  • Comply with company sutainability and industry standards
  • Validate design data before release to manufacturing
  • Manage product requirements using a systems engineering approach
  • Operate with ease in multiCAD environment
  • Automate the suppliers exchange of design and process information